User Area Login

To access your files from home please visit Home Access Plus


Guide to Download Files

Step 1 - Enter your username and password and press "Login"


Step 2 - Click on "My Files"


Step 3 - Select which drive you want to get files from. P Drive is the public drive and S Drive is your home directory.


Step 4 - Download which files or folders your require.


guide to Upload Files

Step 1 - Press "Upload" at the top of the page.


Step 2 - Press "Choose Files" and select which file you want to upload.


Step 3 - Check that the correct file is selected and press "Upload"


Step 4 - Your file will now show in your drive.


If you experiance any issues during this process please upload your files to your school Onedrive account.


Staff access

Please use remote access and login with your school username/password

You can also use the Smoothwall VPN