Curriculum Statement

The Curriculum at The Gilberd School At The Gilberd School we offer a broad and balanced curriculum that fulfils statutory obligations, equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed for life in 21st Century Modern Britain – which we recognise as a place of diversity. Our curriculum is up to date and interconnected; our ambitious focus on English, Mathematics and Science and the other English Baccalaureate (Ebacc) subjects (Geography, History, French and German) is matched by our support of the Arts and other practical courses. Character development and creativity are as valued as academic performance at The Gilberd School. Our students choose their GCSE options in Year 8 and begin their GCSE studies in Year 9, following a three-year KS4. However, we pride ourselves on the provision of more diverse learning paths to suit ALL students. A resilient, “Growth Mindset” approach is adopted in lessons, with students expected to respond to their assessed work by making improvements, as directed by their teacher, their peers or from self-assessment. They are also encouraged to problem solve; think independently; and learn from mistakes and misconceptions, whilst supporting the learning of others. We actively encourage our students to ask questions and do not shy away from difficult or complex topics. Within the classroom, students act with integrity, following our agreed Student Code of Conduct. They show compassion in their ability to empathise with others whose experiences and situations may differ to their own and fully appreciate the importance of the British values of tolerance and respect within the law. The Gilberd ethos runs through all of our activity; whether extra-curricular, curricular or pastoral, we celebrate the good and the great and learn from the past. Skills for life and a focus on British Values that is open and democratic mean that significant national events and movements are not ignored at The Gilberd School. Personal Social Health Education (PSHE); Citizenship and British Values; and Careers; are provided through our highly effective Future Skills Programme. This is delivered by Form Tutors and, where deemed necessary, by external providers. Our comprehensive Assembly programme feeds into this and is another opportunity for students to develop a greater understanding of the world around them. Our students are encouraged to show the highest level of commitment and ambition with the setting of challenging, aspirational targets; numerous leadership opportunities; and activities which stretch and encourage higher level thinking. Whilst we are immensely proud of our curriculum provision, which has been rated as outstanding by Ofsted, we are keen to further review our provision this academic year to ensure that it meets the needs of all students, regardless of their academic ability in an ever-changing world.