The Careers Department plays a full and active part in the life of The Gilberd school and follows the statutory Guidance of the Gatsby Benchmarks’ requirements. View guidance document below

Careers Advice Team
Careers Line Manager- Assistant Head: Mr P. Tanton- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Careers Leader - Head of Business & Enterprise: Ms A. Cooper – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Careers Support Administration: Ms A. Jones – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How The Gilberd School measures and assesses the impact of the Careers programme

A member of the Senior Leadership Team has strategic responsibility for CEIAG working in liaison with the Career Leader. The Career Leader writes the schemes of work and oversees the structure of delivery of CEIAG at this school, ensuring members of staff have access to relevant training where needed.
Monitoring, review and evaluation
The School monitors delivery in lessons by observations and learning walks, and student evaluation and feedback to inform future planning. Each year’s Department Improvement Plan is constructed to reflect the objectives outlined in the School Improvement Plan, and develop CEIAG provision further. An annual CEIAG survey is used to evaluate the quality of provision from a student perspective. Each student has a CEIAG folio/Record of achievement to track exposure to a range of events, contacts with employers and experiences.
Three areas of quality assurance that we take into consideration:
1) The quality of independent careers providers

2) The quality of careers professionals working in the school.
3) The date of the school’s next review of the information published

What are the bench marks
The Gatsby Benchmarks are a framework of 8 guidelines that define excellent career guidance,  which the Department of Education (DfE) expects schools and colleges to meet by the end of 2020. OFSTED will also want to see how the Raising Aspirations team and subjects are putting careers into the curriculum.

What are the NEET figures?
The Government track how well we are doing by monitoring our NEET data (Students Not in Education, Employment or Training) These figures are collated each year when our students take up a place with a local college/employer and the data is shared with us. We are very proud of our outstanding NEET figures for the last 3 years which demonstrates the students, parents and staffs hard work to ensure our young adults are placed on the right course in the right setting for their ability. The School Activity Survey 2019

Activity Survey 2020

1) A Stable Careers Programme
As a school we have to have a careers programme in place for all year groups. Teachers, students, parents, governors and employers must have have access to our basic programme. Our programme can be found on the school website. Our programme involves careers lessons, form time activities, visits and workshops

Year 7 Summer Plan
Year 8 Autumn Plan
Year 9 Summer Plan
Year 10 Autumn Plan
Year 11 Autumn Plan

2) Learning from careers and labour market information (LMI)
This benchmark allows students and parents to have access to good information about what jobs are available in their local area, what business are situated near them, what areas need more employees and which jobs might not exist in the future. Our students have access to up to date labour market information. Subject leaders can help students by talking about local businesses and new job roles that link to their subject.
Click here to view more information on LMI
Every student, and parents, should have access to good quality information about future study options and labour market opportunities. Careerometer 2 enables our students to review and compare different occupations, what they involve and what the potential earnings can be.
Careerometer    What Careers

3) Addressing the needs of each student
All of our students have different career aspirations and will need different guidance at different points in their education. The careers guidance and education, needs to be tailored to reach students. During their time at school our students will have individual interviews to discuss their next stage, opportunities to visit businesses and further education and additional support if they require it.

We have invested in Unifrog to develop our delivery of careers. Unifrog is a careers application that allows our students to explore the information on all of the pathways that are available to them at each stage of their educational journey.  Our students are able to explore the many different careers available in the world of work and to obtain the information about what qualifications and experience would be needed. The Raising Aspirations (Careers) team who lead the careers teaching within the school are also able to monitor and provide help based on the information students and teachers input into the Unifrog application and to monitor that the provision is being made in line with the Gatsby benchmarks. Gatsby benchmarks are a set of criteria provided to schools to help them in the delivery of careers education and are a measure which could be used by Ofsted when carrying out an inspection.

4) Linking curriculum learning to the careers
All teachers link careers to their subject area. Students can't choose the best career path for themselves if they don't know what jobs are out there. By adding in careers information into lessons students can understand the variety of jobs on offer. Students can often say what subjects they enjoy but can't often say what jobs they could go into with a love for that subject. Lessons can also include employability skills such as presentation, team work and leadership.

Art   Biology   Business

Chemistry   CS   Drama

DT   English   Geography

HSC   History   Maths
MFL  Music  PE

Physics   SEND


The Careers Library

Mrs Jenkins - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the Gilberd librarian manages these materials within our library and can direct students to specialist careers software and wide-ranging paper-based resources.
Careers Library Small

5) Encounters with employers and employees
Students need to have multiple encounters with employers so they can learn what the world of work is like. The CEIAG team work with lots of different businesses but subject staff can also bring in employers as well - this could be to do a talk, run workshops or be a virtual talk.

Careers Convention Years 8-11
The Gilberd school runs a yearly Careers Convention where over 70 representatives of reputable businesses, careers advisors, training providers, academic and vocational professionals from Institutions of Higher and Further Education attend The Gilberd’s Careers Convention, one of the largest in Essex. The aim of the evening is to help enable our students make informed choices as to their post 16 destinations in work-based training or further education.

Mock Interviews Year 10
The aim of the day is to enable our students to access as much information as possible, thus allowing them to be ready for their interviews into further education or the business sector. The Year 10 students have completed their personal statements during their Careers Future Skills lessons. Their completed statements have been sent to our database of HE and colleagues from local businesses, who will interview students for 20 minutes each and then give them feedback on their performance.  This experience builds the confidence of our students, making a valuable contribution to their personal development.

Student comments:
 “I enjoyed today as I was able to put my best self forward. The interview was very helpful even though I was a bit nervous at first. The paperwork I was given was very positive and had comments about how my interview went. It is an even worth attending as it has helped me to prepare for my work experience as well for my future College Interviews. “Joseph Hearn
 “Today’s experience was very good; the external providers were friendly and helped me prepare for my work experience interview. The person that interviewed me focused on my strengths and weaknesses in the interview, how I should respond to certain questions and that I should set my bar high to get where I want to. I took everything that he told me on board and should definitely improve next time I have an interview, which should be sometime soon”. Sarah King
“I think that the interviews that went on today were excellent as they gave us an experience of what a real work interview will be like. The interviewers were friendly and helped me prepare for any interview I will take later on in life. The interviewer went through a few questions, and judged on how well I did. This will allow me to see what I was good at, and let me know what to improve on. I think it is worth doing next year, as having an idea of what one will be like, is useful” Grace Ou

6) Experience of the workplace
All Year 10 students go out on work experience which takes place during the school academic year.  Work experience is an unpaid opportunity for students to experience working life as well as a chance for them to develop and practice new skills and become more confident in their abilities. An information evening for parents is arranged at the school early in the academic year by our work experience providers providing accurate information regarding the procedures and expectations associated with this important piece of careers guidance.

Work experience summaries
Access Insurance  Avalon  Brook Farm Stables  Network Rail  Norwich Theatre Royal  
Colchester Zoo  City of London Police

Click here to view virtual work experience opportunities

Virtual Apprenticeships and Job Fair 7th July

Virtual Internships

Live Online Event: Medicine Application Timeline - Getting Ready

7) Encounters with further and higher education
All students must have encounters with colleges, 6th forms, learning providers and universities and work based learning. As a school we run an apprenticeship fair and careers fair each year with a variety of learning providers and colleges.
Uni1  Uni2  Uni3  Uni4

Colchester Sixth Form College, - Colchester Institute, - Thomas Gainsborough 6th Form -  Colchester United - 5 steps to Healthy mind, - Easton & Otley College, - Writtle College, - NCS (National Citizenship Service), - Suffolk New College- Ipswich, - Suffolk One College, - Colne Sports Academy
Colchester Institute -Apprenticeships, - Hertford College - Oxford University, - Projects Abroad, - BT Apprenticeships, - Aim Apprenticeships

8) Personal Guidance
All students must have access to impartial advice about their career choices. We employ and are very luck to have careers advisor who works with our students, in year 10 and 11.

  Unifrog      CareerPilot  Icould Prospects
BBCBitesize    Inspiring the future   NHSJobs   NCS Gov

Colchester Institute  6th Form

Suffolk One  Apprenticeships Suffolk New  

External companies career presentations
Working in the NHS  Why go and Student Life Schools Activity Guide Oxford and Cambridge Universities Otley College

Colchester Institute:
Introduction to T Levels
Colchester Institute - Its your life
Colchester Institiute - 2020/2021 Prospectus

Sixth Form College:
Information for Students joining The Colchester Sixth Form September 2020
Online Applications open on Friday 16th October for September 2021 entry
Applications must be made online at 
View Introduction to College
How to Apply for a Place
How to choose your course of study

Colchester Royal Grammar School:

Suffolk New College:
Suffolk New College Presentation 2020
Suffolk New College T Level courses
Virtual Taster Day
Suffolk New College Taster Events Flyer

Suffolk Rural College (Previously Otley College)

St Josephs College:
E-prospectus and useful links for year 12 admissions

Royal Hospital School:
The Virtual Open Days are on Saturday 3 October and Saturday 14 November from 9am. Virtual Open Days are a great opportunity for families to take a virtual tour of RHS, hear from pupils, parents and key members of staff and enjoy interactive live Q&A sessions, all from the comfort of their own home! The events will feature live Q&A Sessions with the Headmaster, key academic and co-curricular staff and the Head of Sixth Form.
The Virtual Sixth Form Information Evening will be held on Wednesday 21 November from 7pm. This will include a presentation from the Headmaster, Head of Sixth Form and Deputy Head (Academic), a live Q&A session and footage from subject staff and pupils. To register for a place on any of the above events go to https://www.royalhospitalschool.org/openday

Apprenticeships are a combination of working and studying and can be done in a range of different subjects and areas. They range from level 2 apprenticeships up to degree level apprenticeships. Students can research and apply for an apprenticeship directly from their Unifrog account. For more information about what apprenticeships can offer, have a look at the latest parent pack provided by Amazing Apprenticeships:

Apprenticeships Parent Pack – May 2021
Colchester Institute Apprenticeship Applications are now open for 2021 go to 
First Intuition Accountancy Academy Free Summer School 2021
National Apprenticeship service Information
National Apprenticeship service workbook
How to write a winning apprenticeship application
The A-Z of Apprenticeships
The essential guide to apprenticeship support
Apprenticeships advice and guidance

Website: www.notgoingtouni.co.uk  Details: Jobs, training and college options for those that may not go to university

Website: www.findapprenticeship.service.gov.uk  Details of local and national apprenticeships

Essex Virtual Apprenticeships and Job Fair 7th July 2021

Business Links

Finally, as part of our work both supporting students in their aspirations and also helping them to engage with their local community, we have developed the following business links: 
Royal Navy
Willmott Dixon
Civil Service
Morrisons Water Services
Army Scholarships and Bursaries
Formula 1 
www.getmyfirstjob.co.uk Details: Help, support and opportunities for young people finding their first job
Website: www.gov.uk/jobsearch Details: The job search website for Jobcentre Plus
Website: www.learnliveuk.com/careers/ Details: Connecting learners to Employers
At First Intuition, we are working alongside a number of companies who are looking to recruit new accountancy apprentices based in London, South Woodham Ferrers, Billericay and Wickford. We are currently also in talks with other companies in and around Essex about recruitment. If you know of any students who would like to pursue a career in accountancy and finance via an apprenticeship, please ask them to send a CV to at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Guide to Higher Education for Under 16's
Website: www.ucas.com Details: UCAS - Organisation responsible for managing applications to Higher Education courses
Website: www.prospects.ac.uk Details: overview of graduate opportunities
Website: www.russellgroup.ac.uk Details: Informed Choices booklet helps identify the A-level subjects and BTEC L3 courses required for degree entry at top-rated universities in the UK
Website: www.thecompleteuniversityguide.co.uk Details: Teaching Excellence Framework provides information on teaching provision and student outcomes at Higher Education Institutions in the UK
Website: www.topuniversities.com/universities/country/united-kingdom Details: UK ranking of universities
Website: www.universitycompare.com A comprehensive university comparison site, offering students resources, tools, student discounts and university stats and rankings.
Hertford College - Oxford University
Website: www.theuniguide.co.uk

Study abroad opportunities
www.fulbright.org.uk   Details: Fulbright Commission - studying in the USA
Website: www.astarfuture.co.uk   Details: A Star Future - study opportunities outside of the UK

Gap Year opportunities
Website: www.projects-abroad.co.uk   Details: Projects Abroad- placements in 28 different countries ranging from volunteering with children, conservation work and internships
Website: www.raleighinternational.org  Details: Rayleigh International- they use young volunteers for projects that have a positive impact locally and globally
Website: www.podvolunteer.org  Details: Pod Volunteer - placements with animals; building and community; conservation; childcare; education
Website: www.sportlived.co.uk  Details: Sport Lived – placements in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Different employment sectors
Creative & Digital Sector Exploration Links and Resources:
Creative Careers
Screenskills (Screen Industries) 
Accenture Digital Skills Courses
Design your own video game challenge

Engineering & Manufacturing Sector Exploration Links and Resources:
‘Young Engineers’

Young Engineers Video Library
Royal Academy of Engineering

Construction Sector Exploration Links and Resources
WOW Show for construction special

Health & Social Care Sector Exploration and Resources
WOW Show Healthcare special
NHS Careers ‘Cradle to Grave'
NHS Careers
Health Care/Key Workers ‘Career Chat’ with Inspiring the Future
Key Worker Recourse Activities

Renewables Sector Exploration Links and Resources
Bright Network

General Sector Exploration Links and Resources
National Careers Service
BBC Bitesize Careers
Springpod Learn Lounge Live and interactive talks
LMI For All
Career Pilot
I could ..
Take a virtual tour around these businesses to get an idea of what it is like to work there
I can be a ... 
Department for Education Careers Films

Clubs, societies, and volunteering

Website: www.vinspired.com Details: Connects 14- 25 year olds with volunteering opportunities in England
Website: www.ncvo.org.uk  Details: Volunteering in England
Website: www.volunteeressex.org Details: Volunteering in Essex
Website: www.dofe.org Details: The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award – Bronze, Silver, and Gold standards
Website: www.scouts.org.uk Details: Join the global scouting community
Website: www.girlguiding.org.uk Details: Join the global girlguiding community