Welcome to trainee speech and language therapists

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Speech and Language Therapy: Placement Provider We are delighted to announce that, from this term, we will be welcoming trainee Speech and Language Therapists to The Gilberd School. These students are completing their BSc and MSc in Speech and Language Therapy at Essex University. During their 5 day placements, trainees will conduct a round of classroom/subject observations, exploring communication at secondary level.  This project extends further our growing links with Essex University. For further information, please contact our SENCO, Miss Parker This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Year 7 Relax and Read Group

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Our wonderful Year 7 Relax and Read Group who meet on Tuesday lunchtimes in the Library. All year 7's welcome to come along and join us

Year 7 Reading Group

Year 9 tech girls event

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Tech Girls workshops, provided by an external provider, focuses on bridging the skills and gender gap within the digital sector.

The girls were tasked with using their imaginiation and creativity to produce the specifications for a wearable tech device.

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Wednesday 19th Dec Non Uniform

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Tomorrow, Wednesday 19th December, will also be a non-uniform day at The Gilberd School! Christmas theme remains optional but unlike our other non-uniform days, it will be free.

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