Wednesday 19th Dec Non Uniform

Tomorrow, Wednesday 19th December, will also be a non-uniform day at The Gilberd School! Christmas theme remains optional but unlike our other non-uniform days, it will be free.

xmas jumpers

As you will be aware, our students are currently enjoying a Christmas themed non-uniform day. Christmas jumpers, socks and hats abound and even the more miserable of us is beginning to feel a little bit more cheerful and festive!

Perhaps with this in mind, we were approached yesterday by some Year 11Year Council members, asking if the non-uniform day could be extended into our final day tomorrow. After gaining approval from the Headteacher, the students’ School Council met this morning. Unsurprisingly, they voted unanimously in favour!

Many schools no longer hold non-uniform days as their students’ behaviour can dip severely during these events. We are fortunate that the vast majority of our students’ behaviour remains outstanding right up to the end of each term. Agreeing to their request to extend our non-uniform day is therefore, a small way of acknowledging this, their outstanding attendance and indeed all the hard work they have put in during this long term.

We would like to thank you for your support over the term and wish you all a very merry Christmas.