1986 Leavers Reunion

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Dear Mrs Exley,

I am just writing to thank you for allowing the leavers of 1986 to use the school on Saturday night.

It was so wonderful to walk around the school, that I have such fond memories of which I joined 38 years ago. The tour given to us by the 2 students was fabulous, they were fantastic ambassadors to the school and were so confident with our rowdy bunch. When I spoke to them personally to thank them for their time,  I was very impressed with their maturity, confidence and ambitions for the future.The tour was very interesting, we saw so many of the class rooms we had sat in for so long building the foundations for our lives. We were surprised that all the lockers which housed our smelly P.E kit had been removed and also the doors on the toilets, how things have moved on!

It is so good to see the school is moving with the times and helping the next generation get a strong foundation to build on in their lives.

Below is a picture of some of class C in their form room which they arrived at in Sept 1980, looking at the plan I think this is now room 42.