The Berlin Trip Report

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A group of students from Year 10 recently had the opportunity to visit Berlin as part of an MFL and History trip. The trip was highly successful with students feeling lucky to have visited such a culturally vibrant and exciting city.

Throughout the journey the students had the chance to tour around the city, taking in the beautiful architecture and (for MFL students) practice their speaking in a way that could not be replicated in a classroom. Their nights were spent at Hotel Transit and with the freedom to purchase food and socialise with their friends, both new and old; it was a unique experience which was something few of the students had ever had the chance to do before.  Students were also humbled by a visit to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp, an experience that will live on with them for the rest of their lives and gave them an opportunity to pay their respects at a memorial for the victims of the Holocaust. Students also visited the Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie, pivotal points and landmarks in German history. More German history was taken in with trips to war museums and the remains of the Berlin Wall. Overall, despite their delayed departure, the students felt it was a very positive experience that they would recommend to all those who have the chance to do so. They would also like the thank the members of staff that accompanied them on the trip and those who organised it.

Written by Ahmed Tantawy and Hugh Moore

Photos of Berlin