CERN 2019

Visit to CERN, in Geneva, on 26th October 2019. Twenty year 11 students had a guided tour of CERN and learnt about how protons are fired around a 25km tunnel and collided.

CERN 2019 Physicists on tour

The idea behind this it to discover new particles created by these collisions. The students learnt about how the conditions are created in the accelerator and how the super conducting magnets are made. There is some very complex physics here and the data is analysed at many countries around the world. The scientists working there are from all corners of the globe. We had a Swiss fondue in the evening, with traditional Swiss music! The following day we explored Geneva by water taxi, visited the Jet d'eau and the science museum before our flight home. As always, the trip was fabulous and CERN is an incredible place.