Diversity, Equality and Equity

Diversity, Equality and Equity at The Gilberd
There has been much in the news recently, and in fact over the last 12 months, that has highlighted the growing need for all to reflect on the way we treat ourselves and others. At The Gilberd School we have always valued a trusting, secure and happy environment where everyone is treated with respect. We recognise, understand and value diversity and are thoughtful in how we act and speak. In being thoughtful we are reminded of the need to reflect and evaluate. 
In September 2020, we set up a Diversity and Equality group led by senior staff. The purpose of this group has been to evaluate our work and continue to aim for excellence in this area. We would like to briefly update you on our work to date.
In the last few months we have:

  • - Researched key contemporary issues relating to diversity and equality.
  • - Liaised with external agencies.
  • - Audited our curriculum to ensure representation of a diverse range of experiences, texts and topics.
  • - Reviewed and adjusted our Uniform policy.
  • - Reviewed and updated our reporting systems for prejudicial incidents.
  • - Audited the texts available in the school library to ensure a diverse and contemporary range of books.
  • - Raised the profile of new library stock via posters and the large screens around the school.
  • - Audited the texts we are able to study in English lessons for the coming academic year.
  • - Broadened our working group to include governors, teaching and support staff.
  • - Continued to speak with an increasing number of students about their ideas and thoughts.
  • - Created a Student Diversity group to begin the student led engagement.

In the next few months we will continue to work on Diversity and Equality; not just in terms of the curriculum, events, staff training and student education, but with a view to how we shape the coming academic year.
As a large 
organisation we are keen to ensure that the work we do is sustainable and long term.

We will be inviting parents and students for ideas and feedback in the coming months. 
Diversity is a rich and valuable aspect of the world we all inhabit: equality and equity are natural and just responses to the recognition of different and recognised experiences.
In the week of the 21st June we will be holding our first Diversity week across the school. We would like to use this as an opportunity to widen the dialogue regarding what it means to be a Gilberdian in the 21st Century.  

The Diversity and Equality group can be contacted via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to get in touch. Please note this email address is to support the developmental work of the team. Any specific queries relating to individuals should be directed towards the usual staff member.