British Values

Through the curriculum, extra-curricular activities, teaching and learning this school will promote British values. By doing so, we will ensure that all students understand the values that have traditionally underpinned British society. The teaching of these values will promote cohesiveness within our school and community. We will prepare students for life in The United Kingdom where the population has an increasingly rich diversity of backgrounds, origins, beliefs and cultures by promoting the values on which our society has been built. By teaching students these values we will help all to become valuable citizens and of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


  1. To ensure that all develop an understanding of the values which underpin life in modern Britain.
  2. To teach students to have a mutual respect and tolerance for, and an understanding of the various faiths and beliefs represented in Britain today.
  3. To ensure that all learn to uphold the rule of law and support freedom, justice and equality.
  4. To help all understand and value the rich diversity that other citizens from different cultures, religions and backgrounds bring to our national society.
  5. To value people’s differences and respect them.
  6. To develop student’s awareness and tolerance of communities different to their own.
  7. To value democracy and to stand up for right against wrong.
  8. To act with compassion and integrity towards other and treat them as valued members of our society.
  9. To encourage students to become loyal and valuable subjects of the United Kingdom who value and support the freedoms we currently enjoy.


1.     The school will promote British values through its teaching and learning across the curriculum, the standards we encourage through pastoral care and the symbols and traditions we observe. These will help our students to understand and appreciate the values that have underpinned life in Britain throughout its history. These values are evident in our geography, language, literature, sport and games, culture and religions.

2.     This school will teach students about the British monarchy and an understanding of how our parliamentary system works.

3.     Through RE lessons, students will learn about other faiths and cultures including humanism and atheism, showing respect for these. Our students will learn that the laws of the United Kingdom take precedence over religious laws.

4.     We will encourage our students to participate in the wider community to encourage them to live in harmony with others as citizens of United Kingdom.

5.     Across the curriculum and through ‘The Gilberd Way’, we will promote a set of values and behaviours that promote the importance of honesty, duty, commitment, loyalty and the freedoms afforded by the rule of British law. We will always promote the established institutions of the British state that afford its citizens the rights and freedoms they enjoy. The symbols of the British state are displayed proudly around our school.

6.     All staff will be trained in the ‘Prevent’ strategy to counter the threat of radicalisation with regular refresher courses at least once per academic year.


Through our work and partnerships students will gain a good understanding of the values that underpin the privileges, rights, responsibilities and duties of citizenship in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We will equip our students with the knowledge, skills and understanding to make a positive contribution to our local and national community. We will endeavour to develop responsible students who support and positively value life in modern Britain. Promoting these values will make a key contribution to the school’s positive ethos.