Message from Year 11 Team

Dear Year 11

I hope you are all keeping well and following the Government advice with regard to social distancing and remaining in your own households.

It is understandable that many of you are feeling anxious after the abrupt end to your Year 11 studies. I would therefore like to set out some key information with regard to your on-going education and the award of GCSE grades.

To support your continued learning, we have requested reading lists from our main from Post 16/18 providers . When we have received these, we will forward them to you all.  We have also sought advice regarding how post-16 providers will offer places to our Year 11 students.  Please be patient; all places are operating with skeleton staff and in a cloud of uncertainty at the moment.

Remember what ever learning you do is positive. Try and structure your day with a timetable and do some physical activity in a safe environment.  We know staff have set plenty of work just in case the GCSE exams were reinstated.  This will keep you busy and will complement the pathway you have selected Post-16.  Focus on the subject areas you are going to pursue Post-16.  You need to develop mastery at GCSE in these areas. For example,  if you are taking A Level Geography you should carry on with the Geography GCSE revision as this will of considerable use in September.  If your course(s) are vocational, continue studying core subjects since this will always support your learning journey. 

It is absolutely crucial you keep on learning. Consider developing a new skill such as playing an musical instrument, or learning a foreign language or even learning to touch typing.  There are plenty of online courses available.

What we can say is that at this stage there are no GCSE examinations planned for summer 2020, even if this crisis improves more rapidly than the Government expects.  There is however, a possibility that limited examinations might take place later in the year, particularly for students who want to challenge the grades they have been awarded. This information is still very unclear and so it is important to stay up to date with developments. I have attached some FAQs about examinations from the Government. Please take time to read this information since it may answer many of your concerns and dispel some of the rumours circulating.

Your final allocated GCSE grades may take into consideration a range of factors. Some of these include:

Non-Examined Assessments completed

Teacher Assessments
Mock Examination Grades
The previous performance of your school
It is important to note that grades will not be awarding using just one of these factors alone.

The Government suggest this grade could be with you by the end of July, however, again this may change. We have kept your school email accounts active and should the situation develop we will contact you with details. The school website however will be your most important source of information.

I am a strong believer in the old adage that hard work and endeavour is ultimately rewarded. If you have worked hard over your time with us then I am sure the grade you receive will be a fair one.  We are all so sorry you did not have the chance to prove to us all just how talented you are in a formal examination.  However, your conduct over these last few weeks have proved to us here at The Gilberd that you have grown into exceptional young men and women and you are ready for a new challenge in your lives.

Keep in touch.

Best Wishes

All of us at The Gilberd School