School Uniform

Note to Parents/Carers - Buy with confidence

Do NOT trust ‘school wear’ signs in shops.

In many cases, these encourage parents to part with money (often a lot of money) for fashion items which will not be acceptable in school. This guidance is designed to save you time and money.

The Gilberd School Uniform Policy

School Uniform must be worn correctly at all times. All clothing should be clean, smart and marked with the student’s name.
It is a valuable part of a child's education to learn to present him or herself publicly in a neat and appropriate manner. 
This is especially so in a formal environment such as a school or place of work. 
The high standards of appearance we expect at the Gilberd School have a positive impact upon the standing of our school within the wider community. 
The name and reputation of our school will be associated with your son or daughter for a long time. 
This document is simply a reminder of existing requirements so that you can purchase clothing and haircuts for your children with confidence.
We would never change our policy without first advising you of this. We would never communicate 
changes without a letter and an announcement on the school website.

Supplier: Anglia Schoolwear