Are you interested in training to teach?

A teacher is a compass that activates the magnets of curiosity, knowledge, and wisdom in the pupils.-Ever Garrison

Can you say yes to these?
* Do you want to inspire a love of learning?
* Do you want to encourage young people to dream big?
* Do you want to be a lifelong learner?
* Do you want to ignite the spark of learning?
* Do you want to explore your creativity?
* Do you want to prove that one person can make a difference?
* Do you want to motivate others by your example?
* Do you want to have a different experience every day?
If so, explore here further.

The Gilberd School offers an excellent environment in which to train to become a qualified teacher. A large number of our current teaching staff completed their Teacher Training or first year of teaching (NQT year) here. After that, many have gone on to secure promotion either at our school or elsewhere. We have a long track record of effective in-school training, working mainly with Colchester Teacher Training Consortium, but also with other providers at times. We can offer both salaried and non-salaried training positions. We have excellent mentors and support in place to help you become the teacher you want to be.
Quotes from the Gilberd School March 2018 Ofsted report.

“Your staff say that they are well supported and value professional development opportunities highly. They reported that, ‘everyone is held accountable to the same high standards and their work is valued’. A member of staff commented, ‘I am proud to work here. I love it when people ask me where I work.’”

“…the school has demonstrated strong practice and marked improvement in certain areas. This may indicate that the school is improving towards being outstanding.”

If you join us as an NQT, then a highly supportive induction programme is run in the first term of the year, supplemented by sessions throughout the year designed to address the identified and emerging needs of this group of teachers. NQTs often make quick progress in their careers and we also continue to develop and support colleagues beyond their first year as they progress to become RQTs (Recently Qualified Teachers).

We are happy to host Taster Days and School Experience Visits for individuals who wish to spend more time learning about what we do.

To find out more about teaching and why to train, please follow these links:

Teach the children so it will not be necessary to teach the adults.-Abraham Lincoln

Teach Learn  This design was created by Scott Kim in 1988.

Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.-Confucius

Teacher training opportunities in the CTTC

On the Colchester Teacher Training Consortium School-Centred Initial Teacher Training Programme, we work in close partnership with schools across Colchester and beyond, our goal is to equip our trainees to become outstanding teachers; able to inspire the children and young people of Colchester to become resilient high achievers and lifelong learners.

Why choose to train with CTTC?

  • The structure of our programme ensures that we are able to develop strong relationships with each trainee, responding effectively to their individual needs.
  • Ofsted highlighted the strong collegiate nature of the Partnership which provides a secure and effective learning environment for trainees - graded as Outstanding in 2017.
  • We work with a wide variety of schools which are able to offer a range of diverse and exciting experiences and opportunities.
  • A high proportion of our trainees gain employment in our partner schools each year. 
  • Our programme is based in and run by schools with the aim of providing a high quality training environment for tomorrow’s teachers, where trainees can learn from best practice.

What do CTTC trainees say?

“Great and supportive course that is personal and friendly”

“Very well-organised and fantastic training sessions from a range of outstanding practitioners”

“I am glad that I chose to complete my training with CTTC. I feel well-trained and prepared for my NQT year”

“The CTTC is an outstanding organisation with a supportive team. My year of training has been enjoyable. I have learnt a lot and I feel very confident”

All trainees will have the option to study for Masters’ credits as part of the PGCE course.

Applications should be made to our Lead School (Colchester County High School for Girls) through the UCAS Portal.

This can be accessed through the UCAS web site (

The training will be provided by the Colchester Teacher Training Consortium. You can find out more about this teacher training provider by visiting their web site  or contacting them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Tel: 01206 364728)