Danbury Travel Arrangements

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Danbury Students should arrive at school between 7.45—8.00am on Monday 17th July. 

They should make their way to the tennis courts where they are to line up in register order.  Please do not wait with them as parking is extremely limited.  Coaches will arrive and Year 7 students will be assisted by Year 11 helpers to get their bags etc onto the coaches and travel to Danbury.

All students will need a small snack for break and a packed lunch for the first day as their main meal is not until the evening.  Lunch for this day is not provided.


On Thursday 20th July the first coach will be returning to The Gilberd between 5.00—6.00pm.  The school will not be able to accommodate 7 coaches and all parent vehicles so please park opposite the site and walk across to collect your child.


Danbury Youth Camp, Well Lane, Danbury, Essex, CM3 4AB

Emergency Tel No.: 07748-350-782 (Mr S Auton) - Danbury Co-ordinator

Please use only in case of an emergency